Thursday, September 26, 2013

Michael Weatherly of NCIS Has a song on the soundtrack

It was released earlier this week that Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo) of NCIS will have a song on the NCIS soundtrack titled, 'Benchmark'. Herad it and am rather impressed. So here it is...

Check it out.

On another note, anyone watching the new season of Castle? If so, what do think so far? What do you predict will happen through out the rest of the season?


  1. 1. Don't ruin Castle, I haven't had the chance to watch my Tivo yet.
    2. I'm SO happy Collin Hanks is a good guy now! Hoping Dorney makes more appearances this season and Tony & Ziva have a good sendoff for their story line.

  2. Oh, and guess what. I tweeted about our convo and your blog today, and Suzanne Collins retweeted it!

  3. Yeah, me too. And no way! That is sooo cool! Thank you for tweeting about that. Awesome!