Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review 4:Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

So, I wanted to post a review on this book before I forget about it completely. The reason I might forget about it?
Because I was not impressed at all! It was an interesting story, but I think poorly executed. I think the story could have had more mystery in it. There was not a lot of language that I recall, and not an over amount of violence(very minimal actually). There are a few little 'sexual' scenes, where basically it lasts less than a page and is barely anything, I guess it may not even count a 'sexual' because it doesn't really go to more than kissing. but I know that there are those who are careful about that, as am I, and so I wanted to include it.
Also, there is a innuendo that, incites that the protagonist and her love interest, were meant to be together, and this is symbolized *SPOILER* by a bird that the protagonist, Juliette, saw in a dream, and then by her love interest, Adam(who is one of the few that can actually touch Juliette), who has the bird tattooed on his chest.
Supposedly, they are supposed to be together, and Juliette knows this from her dream, and then seeing the bird on Adam.
Other than those things and even including some of those things, the story was otherwise well presented, It reminded me of a Rouge (X-men) in a dystopian society where all mutants can be contained, but she manages to get out and join 'the good side'.
As I stated, I was not very impressed, but I like the idea; a girl who's touch is lethal, so it is hopeless that she will ever find friends, or love, does, and turns her "curse" in a "gift."
Where she proves that she is "human" and not a "monster."
Where she shows others that not only is she "lethal," she is also "powerful."
Where everyone knows that she is a "weapon" and that she will "fight back."
Where she can be sensitive, strong, weak, beautiful, and so much more because she believes in herself and others do to.
She has the power to choose her destiny and the future of the world(in a way).
I loved this idea, but was not pleased with the plot of the story, and the little details that help make the characters and the story itself.
I do not highly recommend this book, but do if you are looking for an easy read, that have your heart crying for more romance in the second book (Unravel Me, out now). This book is mainly romance and not much else.
So, I hope this helps.
If you liked/love/hated this book please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on Shatter Me.
Thank You!
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