Monday, November 11, 2013

Be, Room, Cliffing tag, created by Christina @ polandbananasBOOKS

So, Christina from polandbananasBOOKS created this tag. Basically it is a girl's version of the Marry, Kiss, Cliff tag. Here is the link to the original video,

I want to do this before I forget, at least on here, and hopefully I will be able to do a video version soon. So, here it goes...

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
The Queen (Maxon's mom in the Selection, cannot remember her name, sorry. lol)
Juliet (Shatter Me)

I would want to be Katniss, even though she has a hard life, she is down to earth, and most people respect her.
I would want to room with the Queen, she is very understanding, and I have a feeling that she would give great advice.
So, Juliet, dare I say it, will be heading off the Cliff, sorry, but, I just can't take a chance on accidentally bumping into you in our room, and not being able to be touched, or touch anyone, would suck. Anyway, on to round two!

Tris (Divergent)
Angel (Maximum Ride)
Lucy (Ashes, Ashes)

I would want to be.. This is HARD, I want to be both Tris and Angel. Ok, I'll be Tris, self explanatory.
I would room with Lucy, and she could teach me how to survive in the ruins of New York, and I could teach her how to throw knives, since you know,I'm Tris, oh, doesn't count, oh well .
And Angel will be going off the cliff, but it's ok, because she can fly, so, she would proabably, read my mind(spoiler) and see as to what I am thinking, and go jump and just fly away, so it's all good.

Gemma (Dark Life)
Charlotte (Charlotte's Web)
Lina (City of Ember)

I would want to be, Gemma, and I already fit her partly, (fear of the ocean(Kinda).
I would room with Lina.
And poor Charlotte is headed off the cliff, sorry, but I hate spiders (yes, I know that this is a children's book).

The White Queen (Alice's Adventures In Wonderland)
Queen Levana (Cinder)
Petra (Ender's Game)

I would want to be Petra, she is very cool, at least to me, so tuff, yet, compassionate too.
I would room with the White Queen, again awesome.
And Levana is going off the cliff, so evil!

Johanna (The Hunger Games)
Deuce (Enclave)
Cinder (Cinder)

I would be Cinder, because out of the she has the easiest life.
I would room with Johanna.
And Deuce is going over the cliff.

Celeste (The Selection)
Karana (Island of the Blue Dolphins)
Christina (Divergent)

I would be Chrstina, even though she has had a tuff time.
Karana od my roommate.
Celeste is over the cliff!

Kacey (How to Rock Braces and Glasses)
The Red Queen (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
America Singer (The Selection)

I would be America.
I would room with Kacey.
The I would push The Red Queen over the cliff.

Lena (Delirium)
Alice (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
Mackenzie (Awkward)

I would be Alice.
I would room with Mackenzie.
And Lena is headed over the cliff.

Nudge (Maximum Ride)
Max (Maximum Ride)
Jeanine (Divergent)

I would want to be Max.
I would room with Nudge, Which she does in the books, ironic?
And Jeanine is Definitely heading over the cliff, but as smart as she was, she probably has some giant trampoline at the bottom, or some technology that will save her but, what ever.

Thanks again!

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